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Steps to follow to become a resident in the Principality of Monaco

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Conditions requested

Conditions to become a resident for a foreigner vary depending on the nationality of the person.

In all cases, one must justify :

1. Of a flat in Monaco of a size which corresponds to the persons residing in it, either as :
   - Owner,
   - Administrator or shareholder of a Company that owns a flat,
   - Tenant,
   - Hosted by a close relative, your spouse or the person you are living with.

2. Sufficient funds, such as :
   - A salary
   - Professional income (the Bank will need to provide a statement to this effect)
   - Financial support confirmation from a relative, spouse or the person you are living with.

3. A clean criminal record, issued by an appropriate government office from the last country(ies) you were resident in during the last 5 years prior to your arrival in Monaco

Please note that any person over 16 years of age resident of Monaco, of wishing to become resident, must apply for a “Carte de séjour” (residency card) issues by the appropriate government office.